About us

Travelling is more than finding places and people. It brings out a revelation of yourself and makes you a better person. Nature has gifted us with a vast area of astonishing places. Just travel and find the outer beauty as well as the inner beauty within you. What you need for a happy trip is a well-established tourist company that can be your friend and guide throughout your journey.

My Travel Route is such a venture that is keen to be your travel mate throughout your trip. Ours is new venture into the world of tourism to provide you with advice to plan your tour in an exciting and interesting way that you have dreamt about. We make use of our experience to help you enjoy your trip in a way that you have never experienced before. We help you to plan your holidays with a unique Itinerary and Hotel/Resort stays. You will be able to bring life to your journey with our expert help and advice.

We have taken years to travel and study various places. This is what has helped us in creating packages and plans that will excite our customers. We provide you with trips that fit in your budget that will not compromise quality and comfort. We give prior concern for your concern. We make sure that you will have access to everything you need when you are travelling with us. Your safety and security is our responsibility. We make sure that you travel within the safety limits without any dangers or distractions. You will have everything at your fingertips to enjoy your destination as well as the journey.

Our company is not in those groups that give you destinations and packages we have. We cater to your dreams and likes and woks with you to plan your package. This is what gives us confidence to offer you 100% satisfaction. We add our experience and expertise to your dreams o make it more exciting and colorful. You will be the king for us throughout the journey and we will help you to have a refreshment from all the hurry-buries of life.

The journey is equally important to the destination. So we put our maximum effort to enjoy the journey in the most amazing way possible. Our travel itineraries will help you to travel safely and reach your destination as effortlessly as possible. You will not feel any discomfort throughout your journey. Our travel itineraries are one of the rarest ones that you can trust on. We also create customized itineraries backed by operational excellence.

We see our job as a service too and so making our customers happy is something that would give us satisfaction. We work each day to make your travel better and more exciting. We are confident that if you travel with us once, you will remember us the next time you plan a trip.

Simply travelling through your destination will not be interesting enough. Travel by knowing the history, culture, and importance of each of the destination. We offer you opportunity for this too. You can travel by understanding every story related to each of the places. We will be there to solve all your doubts and clarify everything about each of the destinations. Your journey also will comprise of many tourist spots so that you won’t feel bored in your journey.

We follow the traditional quote “Adhithi devo bhava”. That means guest is the God. Our keen interest is in making our customers feel happy and satisfied. We take pride in escorting our guests and enabling them to discover the places that you would love to see again and again.

We are providing the human touch of hospitality. We are very passionate to innovate in our services. We promise you opportunity to unravel heritage, embrace mysticism and make every moment memorable. You can immerse into the places and the ethnicity. We are proud to tell you our team comprises of people who has experience in hosting people all over the world. We make use of their experience to deal with people without any barriers.

Valuable interactions with guests and by building relationships will not be a matter of concern for us. Our endeavour towards quality & excellence will help you I fulfilling your dreams without any difficulties. We will be privileged if you consider us when you are about to set out on your dream tip. We promise you that your trip with us will be full of happy moments that you will keep for a life time.